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Crimean Tatar arrived in the 13th century with the Mongol.
In the past some speakers of this dialects also called themselves Qpçaq (that is Cumans).
In 2016 Slava Vakarchuk, popular Ukrainian rock star, together with Iskandar Islamov sang song Sandm in Lviv.
Standard qara 'black southern xara.Volga Tatar edit Because of its common gave til en 60 åring name, Crimean Tatar is sometimes mistaken to be a dialect of Tatar proper, or both being two dialects of the same language.Retrieved 28 December 2016.However, the official written languages of the Crimean Khanate were Chagatai and bestefar gave Ottoman Turkish.6 Crimean Tatar is one of the seriously endangered languages in Europe.In 1928, the alphabet was replaced with the Uniform Turkic Alphabet based on the Latin script.Retrieved 27 February 2017.Though only distantly related, it has been extensively influenced by nearby Oghuz Turkic languages such as Turkish, Turkmen and Azerbaijani.This latter fact may also be another reason why Standard Crimean Tatar has had its basis in the middle dialect.
9 Crimean Tatar was the native language of the poet Bekir Çoban-zade.
In 1876, the different Turkic Crimean dialects were made into a uniform written language by Ismail gave til besteforeldre Gasprinski.
Golden Horde, succeeding the, crimean Greek and, crimean Gothic, principality of Theodoro, and continued through the 15th18th century Crimean Khanate period.In Johanson, Lars; Csató, Éva Ágnes."Reservations and Declarations for Treaty.148 - European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages".Bakhchisaray in 2009, along with Ukrainian, an example of Crimean Tatar Arabic script.A b c Crimean Tatar language at Ethnologue (16th., 2009) Crimean Tatar language in danger, Avrupa Times, 02/19/2013 "Tapani Salminen, unesco Red Book on Endangered Languages: Europe, September 1999".The middle dialect, although thought to be of Kipchak-Cuman origin, is in fact combine elements of both Cuman and Oghuz languages.At the same time the southern and some central dialects preserve glottal / h / which is pronounced / x / in the standard language.European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages.

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