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For the rabatt ving icakort six months ended April 30, 2015, net interest margin increased.21 from.96 for the same period a year ago.
The inaccuracy is due to the dynamic IP address allocation by large ISPs such as AOL, MSN TV and other proxies.Allowance for Credit Losses An allowance for credit losses is maintained which, in managements opinion, is adequate to absorb all credit related losses in its loan portfolio.At April 30, 2015, there was a decrease in residential multi-family mortgages from previous periods due primarily to the timing of loan transactions.As the Class B Preferred Shares must be redeemed by the Corporation in 2019 for.4 million, the preferred share liability amount.2 million will be adjusted over the remaining term to redemption until the amount is equal to the estimated redemption amount.Controls and Procedures During the most recent interim period, there have been no changes in the Corporations policies and procedures and other processes that comprise its internal control over financial reporting, that have materially affected, or are reasonably likely to materially affect, the Corporations internal.In addition, the Banks total capital ratio was.15 at April 30, 2015, compared.23 at the end of the previous quarter and.37 a year ago.The adjustment is included in interest expense in the Consolidated Statement of Loss calculated using an effective interest rate.8.The loss for the six months ended April 30, 2015 was.7 million compared.0 million for the same period last year.Credit Quality Despite the strong loan growth, the Bank has maintained its high credit quality and strong underwriting standards and as a result traditionally requires minimal provisions for credit losses.Please upgrade your browser.Future Change in Accounting Policies ifrs 9: Financial instruments (ifrs 9) In July, 2014, the iasb issued the final revised ifrs 9 standard which addresses classification, measurement and impairment of financial instruments and hedge accounting.
Available-for-sale instruments are measured at fair value with gains and losses, net of tax, recognized in other comprehensive income.
No stock options were granted by the Corporation or the Bank during the current period.
Significant accounting policies: The accounting policies applied by the Corporation in these interim Consolidated Financial Statements are the same as those applied by the Corporation as at and for the year ended October 31, 2014 and are detailed in Note 3 of the Corporations 2014.Non-Interest Expenses Non-interest expenses of the Bank, excluding restructuring charges, totalled.3 million for the current quarter compared.5 million for the previous quarter and.6 million for the same period a year ago.Financial Instruments All financial assets are classified as one of the following: held-to-maturity, loans and receivables, or available-for-sale.This MD A should also be read in conjunction with the Corporations MD A and the audited consolidated financial statements for the year ended October 31, 2014, all of which are available on sedar.All individually significant loans are assessed for impairment first.Pacific Western Bank of Canada Net income of the Bank for the current quarter increased.1 million.09 per common share (basic and diluted) from.7 million.07 per common share (basic and diluted) for the previous quarter and from.2 million.There was no impact on total shareholders equity.As indicated by the above, the duration difference between assets and liabilities shows that the Banks assets and liabilities would reprice at approximately the same time in the event of a change in interest rates.