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He gave me a song

It was a treacherous winding crossing, almost too tight for the guars.
And yet, none of that would do, e kuponger coop for nothing in his experience could convey the sheer magnitude of the mountain.the only servant who didn't speak at all was Tay's nursemaid Edebah.For a moment, he hesitated, about to cry out.Speechless, Tay and Vaster stepped into the black field.And all that I live for though I didn't know why (didn't know why).You should know all my names, the young man snarled, unsheathing his sword.I thought she was mad or a liar, but the real lie was all those years I thought my family was House Indoril.I knew you wouldn't die, cousin, she whispered fondly.You won't be leaving.
The three walked across through the forest until they came to a clearing.The fishermen, who had never seen the mistresses of the house so undone, looked briefly at one another and then followed quickly behind, pulling out their hooks and blades.Highlight lyrics to add meaning.Even when they were at study in opposite wings of the Temple, Tay thought of her, and somehow knew she was thinking of him.Precisely the sort of dress Tython would love seeing her in when he returned.

Where is my cousin?